Adam Levine gets bank robbed by his Maroon 5 bandmates in their video for the smash single 'Payphone.'

In the plot-driven clip, which is completely devoid of performance footage save for Levine singing the lyrics into a pay phone receiver, the frontman plays an insecure banker who hates his life and his job... Until the bank is robbed by crooks (played by the band members) and he attempts to become the "hero" in a hail of bullets as he makes his escape and steals a gun off a robber.

Levine-as-office-drone looks good in glasses. Who knew? He grabs the hot chick -- who also wears nerdy specs and is dressed in a sensible, business casual skirt suit -- and they hotfoot it out of the bank, steal a hot rod and are chased by the cops. It makes you wonder for a hot minute if they have anything to do with the bank heist or if it's a case of miscommunication.

All of the action footage, which plays out like a big budget blockbuster film, is spliced with shots of a dirty, beaten Levine at an actual pay phone under a bridge singing to someone. The video is somewhat out of chronological order, since Levine hops on the pay phone after the car chase but we watch him there repeatedly.

The song's featured guest Wiz Khalifa drops his raps while warming his hands on a bonfire under the bridge by the pay phone, as the cops continue to chase Levine and his banker gal pal. Cop cars catch on fire, flip over and blow up! Cool, right?

Who knew Adam Levine was such a fine actor? He looks pretty sexy in a white wife beater, showing off tattooed his arms.

Kudos to Maroon 5 for having all action video, as opposed to just them playing instruments. This vid unfolds like a mini-movie, with lots of thrills, action and hot pursuit. Bring on the summer blockbusters!

Watch the Maroon 5 'Payphone' Video Feat. Wiz Khalifa