Maroon 5 have released their summer single "This Summer's Gonna Hurt" along with a lyric video that depicts a literal interpretation of the song's title: Basically, the entire thing is a compilation of footage showing people getting injured. There's also the repetition of the word "motherf---er," because the full title of the song is actually "This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like a Motherf---er," but that's less than radio-friendly.

The track is as catchy as any post-Songs About Jane Maroon 5 song, perfectly suited for a night full of tequila shots and poor decisions. The band has long since departed from its initial funk-influenced rock sound, but the truth is they've always been a pop band. They're just embracing it more fully now, writing custom-made summer anthems.

And it makes sense for them. Hailing from Southern California, Maroon 5 are, quite loudly, in a perpetual state of summer. And they make sure to reference it in nearly all of their songs, much like the way Anthony Kiedis incessantly sings about California. That state sure does foster a lot of pride in its residents.

Meanwhile, Adam Levine maintains his reputation as a lyrical mastermind, singing, "I see her dancing on a fool / Like she's 17 and cool / She really thinks that she can move / But it's just nasty. / I see her when I go to sleep / I check my phone when I am weak / She never posts anything deep / Cause she's so fancy."

Check out the lyric video for "This Summer's Gonna Hurt" above. If you're a sadist, odds are good you'll thoroughly enjoy what you see.

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