Last night Rob Thomas and Matchbox Twenty returned to 'The Late Show With David Letterman,' where they got their first big break 15 years ago, to perform their rocking, uptempo single 'She's So Mean.'

The guys have been doing this awhile now — Letterman mentioned they made their network TV debut on his show back in 1997. So the mature, dapper gentlemen dressed in suits as they performed the lead single from their new album, 'North,' which just dropped on Tuesday.

The band used both drum pads and live drums to create the hard-hitting beat on their song about the bad girl who guys date even though they know she's trouble. "Yeah, you want her, but she's so mean," Thomas sings, eliciting the reply from his bandmates, "You'll never let her go / Why don't you let her go?"

The success of 'She's So Mean' has 'North' on track to debut at No. 1 next week, based on early sales estimates from industry insiders. That would be the band's first-ever No. 1 album. The group has already released a video for 'Overjoyed,' another track from 'North.'

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