Raise your hand if you knew that it has been ten (yes, ten!) years since Matchbox Twenty released an album. Now that we've established that Matchbox Twenty probably haven't been on your radar, the band is back to discuss their new single 'She's So Mean' off of their upcoming album 'North' in a webisode!

The song is about "the wrong kind of girls that we've probably all dated," so says frontman Rob Thomas in an interview with Billboard. "Luckily, you have single friends who are making really bad decisions, so you can draw on their experiences," he continues. But perhaps what's best about this single is that it's reminiscent of the '90s Matchbox Twenty we grew to love, and we're clearly still obsessed with that decade.

Tune in below to catch the band working on the track at a kitchen table. Melodies and lyrics are not easy, and it's pretty interesting to see the band's collaborative process.

"What I want is for this Matchbox record to be f---ing great," Thomas says. It sure sounds like it's on its way there. The new single 'She's So Mean' will be available on June 12. You can hear a snippet of it at the end of the video, and it's as catchy as anything they've ever done!

Matchbox Twenty - 'North' Webisode #1

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