Matchbox Twenty deal with a crazed girl who breaks their instruments and sets fire to their performance space in the video for 'She's So Mean,' their first new single in five years.

The song is about a hot girl who is a little too wild to settle down, but director Rich Lee takes some artistic liberties and ratchets up the crazy factor for the video. As the band gathers to perform the song, frontman Rob Thomas warns, "I know a girl, she gets what she wants all the time / Cause she's fine / But for an angel, she's a hot hot mess, make you so blind / But you don't mind."

Enter the long-haired vixen, who glides down the stairs into their room. She knocks over Thomas' microphone and steals guitars right from the band members' hands. As Thomas sings, "Yeah, you want her, but she's so mean," she smashes a guitar against a wall, breaking it in two.

"Mean" is an understatement. The unhinged lady starts tossing records like frisbees at the group. She lights fireworks, rides a bicycle around the stage, cuts the power and spills coffee on electrical equipment, setting off sparks. All the while, the guys tolerate her interference. Either they're extraordinarily dedicated to their craft, or they're caught in her spell like everyone else.

Finally, the tormenter reveals that she's also a pyromaniac when she tries to set the room on fire, leaving the drums in flames. After dousing the group with a fire extinguisher, she struts off, her four-minute reign of terror complete.

This girl may not be buying Matchbox Twenty's next album 'North,' but you can pick it up when it hits stores on Sept. 4.

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