Many random and peculiar trends go viral on TikTok on the daily, and at the center of the latest trend-turned-meme is a little puppet with a white cape and green hat that has left much of TikTok exclaiming: "Me as a baby!"

But... why?

What Is the Little White Puppet With a Green Hat on TikTok?

The puppet is known as Mestre Ensinador, which means "master teacher" or "master professor" in Portuguese. Its outfit consists of a white gown and green hat.

Some TikTok users have even dressed up in Mestre Ensinador costumes, like this person:

Others have even dressed up their pets like the whimsical little guy, such as this very confused orange cat:

Who Is Mestre Ensinador and Where Does He Come From?

The puppet comes from Brazil!

Whoever owns the TikTok account @mestreensinador1 is responsible for sparking the meme. The person behind the account posts videos of the puppet dancing, flying and more.

Sometimes the puppet even does mystical rituals.

Why Are People Saying 'Me as a Baby' on TikTok?

According to Know Your Meme, it all started with @iz.khalifa1 on TikTok, who decided to trick her little brother into believing the strange puppet was him as a baby.

"That's you when you were a baby, do you remember?" she asked the little boy in her viral TikTok posted back in October.

"What even made you think of doing this BAHA," one person commented.

Now, there are hundreds of videos doing the same thing.

Little kids are asked if they remember being the puppet as a baby, and hilariously, many say yes and even seem delighted by the thought that they were once a whimsical little creature frolicking and flying through the woods.

In one viral video, a little girl confidently announced, "I was a ghost!"

Another little kid even got specific and proclaimed to be "2 years old" when flying around as the puppet:

One little girl said she was "strange and had no hair," to which a viewer commented, "Going into early childhood education, I hope one day I hear my students talking about how they flew around in the forest as a baby lol."

However, not all the kids featured in the trend have been as easily convinced.

One girl bluntly said, "No," when asked if she remembered her past life as the little white puppet with the green hat:

See more hilariously adorable videos from the "you as a baby" trend, below:

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