It's an Aussie versus a Brit in a contest for one of America's most revered posts: prom king.

Now that spring has sprung, prom season is officially underway, and among its typical traditions — colorful gowns, embarrassing photo sessions with parents — comes the great responsibility of naming a pair of royals. Last year, PopCrush readers chose Harry Styles and Ariana Grande as their dignitaries, and now, its time to see who's the right fit for 2016's thrones.

Michael Clifford, 5 Seconds of Summer's eccentric guitarist, has certainly got the flare of a royal. His hair color shifts as frequently as what's featured on a pinwheel, and with his punk instincts considered, the 20-year-old could take the antiquated prom-king identity (quarterback, reliable beer supplier) in a new direction.

Brooklyn Beckham has already unofficially lived the life of a prince — for a time, his parents were England's premiere pop king and queen. Still, the 17-year-old might be ready for his own castle, especially since girlfriend Chloe Grace Moretz is in the running for PopCrush prom queen.

Will Michael or Brooklyn take one step closer toward the PopCrush kingdom? Cast your vote in the poll below until Sunday (May 22) at midnight and check back the following Monday to see who’s moved on, and whom he’ll face.

Prom King & Queen PopCrush 2016 First Round

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