Miley Cyrus performed at the Adult Swim New York upfront party last night (May 13), and she gave the audience exactly what they wanted: Psychedelic Miley-style weirdness at full tilt, complete with partial nudity.

Billboard reports that the self-proclaimed female rebel performed for an hour, dressed as what appears to be a butterfly on LSD if butterflies wore pasties and Spandex. She reportedly urged the corporate crowd to party, asking "Are you guys high yet? I thought this was Adult Swim motherf---ckers!"  Leading by example, Miley sparked a cartoonishly large joint onstage.

Miley's mix vulgar style and vocal substance is what makes her so fascinating, and she reportedly dazzled the buttoned-up crowd with both. Any basics in the audience who were just hoping to hear "Wrecking Ball" were disappointed, as she ditched her biggest hits in favor of covers that showed off her huge voice, including a version of Johnny Cash's "A Boy Name Sue." She also took on Khia's 2002 sex-positive anthem "My Neck, My Back (Lick It)" and you can check out a very NSFW live clip here.

The singer also debuted a new song called "Tiger Dreams" from her upcoming album with the Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne. It was originally titled "Tiger" but, as Miley says in her intro, "Wayne doesn't listen to much to Katy Perry and I had to tell him that she already has a song called 'Tiger.'" Did she mean "Roar"? Seemingly frustrated by the din of voices in the room, Miley yells "No one's ever heard this sh---t, unless you've been in my thoughts! So f----ckin get excited!" before launching into the dreamy new tune.

You can watch Miley performing "Tiger Dreams" and Bangerz' lead single, "We Can't Stop",  in the videos below.

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