Miley Cyrus stars in Big Sean's video for 'Fire,' adding her own element of heat by wearing a variety of sexy, skimpy outfits that show off her legs, her booty and more. She's the window dressing.

Yes, she also wears stripper heels.

There's some blooming flowers too, but for the most part, Miley valiantly tackles the role of temptress and seductress with a molten lava stare.

This video is "starring" Miley, not "featuring" Miley. She doesn't sing or rap, so it's like a modeling gig for her. At least she wasn't twerking.

She wants to be punk and hip-hop. Want or need more of Miley getting all sexed up? Well, check out another still from the shoot below.

And did you know that the singer and actress, who is working overtime shedding that Disney image, was voted the most "cheat worthy" celeb on, a website that helps facilitate discreet extramarital affairs, according to E!

Now that's an honor she can be proud of and is something to aspire to. Actress Mila Kunis placed second on this illustrious list.