Miley Cyrus is caught in the middle of a crazy money-stealing scheme. According to reports, a woman claiming to be the twerking singer's booking agent is being sued by a concert promotions company, claiming at the fake agent stole a whopping $125,000 from them.

The Florida-based company booked the 21-year-old singer for the Miami South Beach Outdoor Festival on Jan. 1 -- or at least, they thought they did. Turns out, the woman who was thought to be Cyrus' booking agent took the $125k from the company, and, she claims, passed it on to the singer's real agents. However, that all seems a little fishy considering Cyrus never showed up to perform at the event (most likely because she had no idea she had been "booked.")

The promotions company is now suing the woman, whom they believed was Cyrus' real booking agent. According to TMZ, Cyrus' reps say that the woman is in no way connected to the singer's real agent. And, good news, Smilers: they also note that Cyrus is not involved in the situation.