In August 2012, Miley Cyrus lobbed off her locks, which were getting progressively shorter. Still, it was a drastic change. When she shed her strands, she also ditched her Disney image. In the months since, the singer has developed a head-turning fashion sense.

Some of her looks slay -- her white, backless dress during Grammy season and white-blonde faux hawk wereuh-maze -- while others were just plain out there, like that unspeakable sweatpants-jeans hybrid. Have those been burned yet? There is no way she won't look back and ask, "WTF was I thinking?" thanks to that fashion abomination.

But for the most part, Cyrus has showed off some winning looks.

We've assembled her 22 most memorable -- note: not "best" and in no particular order! -- looks since the chop heard 'round the pop world. It's an assemblage of her post-cut couture, if you will.

No shortage of Chanel in Miley's closet.

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Bright blonde bouffant, double sideboob and a sheer black dress - what a trio at the 2012 VMAs.

Christopher Polk, Getty Images

Uh, one of these things is not like the other and that should never be the case with pant legs. She needed a tailor, since she paired one skinny leg with a wide one. What is it with her and pants? At least she wears 'em more often than Lady Gaga.

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A $300 tee and a leather micro-mini, with silver and gold bling screams, "ROCK STAR!"

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Fur, leather and creepers? Miley went glam and punk!

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She took a classic pencil shape and twisted it with metallic silver fabric. This was right after she chopped her locks.

Stephen Lawton, Getty Images

Cutout chic and shorter hair.

Michael Buckner, Getty Images

Her sheer, black Pucci gown was a grower -- it was weird at first, but progressively won us over. Those are boots underneath.

Jason Merritt, Getty Images

'70s chic in a low-cut, crimson jumpsuit!

Larry Busacca, Getty Images

She showed her Disney roots (and her follicular ones) with Mickey on her chest as she rocked the modern pinup look.

Dimitrios Kambouris, Getty Images

Winter white Azzaro -- covered up in front...

Jason Merritt, Getty Images

...baring all in the back.

Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images

Her black, fishnet-style Marc Jacobs gown at the Met Gala took the event's 'punk' theme too literally. Plus, she coulda put someone's eye out with those strand spikes.

Larry Busacca, Getty Images

A strapless jumpsuit? Impossibly chic, even if she overdid it with white face powder.

Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Her black and white crocheted Balmain jumpsuit was way too court jester-y.

Jason Merritt, Getty Images

Let's never speak of these again...

Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images

In vintage Versace, Miley rocked dominatrix chic.

John Parra, Getty Images

Channeling the '70s again in a patchwork, leather Proenza Schouler dress.

Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Not our favorite Miley look...

Jason Merritt, Getty Images

She ditched couture for a tight and bejeweled outfit at the 2013 VMAs.

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Glittery and green in Marc Jacobs.

Dave Kotinsky, Getty Images

Rap chic...wait, this is a t-shirt turned into a "dress." Not chic.

Ian Gavan, Getty Images

Goth girl in Gaultier.

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