It's a Disney love fest.

Earlier this month, one Disney diva showered compliments on another. Miley Cyrus took to her Twitter account to speak out about notions of body image and to celebrate the curves of fellow teen queen Demi Lovato.

First, Cyrus tweeted a photo of a super skinny woman with her ribs popping out, and encouraged girls to love themselves. She wrote: "By calling girls like me fat this is what you're doing to other people. i love MYSELF & if you could say the same"

She then posted a photo of the curvy icon Marilyn Monroe, who has long been considered a standard of beauty. Cyrus tweeted: "PROOF that you can be adored by thousands of men, even when your thighs touch." You go, girl! We could not have said it better ourselves.

Miley was on fire about body consciousness, right? This prompted an "Amen" reply from the lovely Lovato, who has battled more than her fair share of weight comments over the past few months.

Cyrus wrote back: "@ddlovato AMEN! I will destroy any one that ever calls you the F word. You have the SEXIIIESTTTT curvyyyy body! I LOVE IT! #werkthosecurves."

Rawr! Miley is a fierce protector of Demi, who then posted: "@MileyCyrus god I love you. SO DO YOU!!! And whoever called you that has it coming. Miss you more than ever," she wrote. "@MileyCyrus ps SO proud of you for posting that! #curvesareBEAUTIFUL"

Earlier this summer, Lovato responded to comments about her post-treatment weight gain, which many keyboard ninjas dubbed the result of an eating disorder.

What a Twitterverse love fest between the two one-time Disney divas! It certainly warms the heart to see these two teens open up about body image and reminding girls to love themselves.