Did Miley Cyrus diss Ed Sheeran at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards last night?

That's what many people seem to think, interpreting an almost-impossible-to-tell mumbling by the 'Wrecking Ball' singer to mean that she called the 'Sing' crooner an "a-hole." Here's how it went down:

As the redheaded Brit happily left his seat to accept the moonman for Best Male Video, the cameras panned over his seatmates -- including Miley Cyrus, who mouthed something that may or may not resemble the word "a-hole" as Sheeran walked past her.

While we're still skeptical about the situation, many believe that Cyrus' supposed shade was referring to Sheeran being pretty vocal about the singer's twerking, equating the dance to stripper moves more than once -- though he later clarified his comments on Twitter, saying:

Smilers + Sheerios, do you think that Miley Cyrus was calling Ed Sheeran an "a-hole"? Check out the GIF below and see the full video here.

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