Miley Cyrus (or Miley "Cryrus," if you want to get pun-happy) gave the first-ever live performance of her new smash 'Wrecking Ball' at the iHeart Radio Festival yesterday (Sept. 21). While performing outside and in the daylight as part of a four-song set at the iHeart Radio Festival Village, she broke down and wept. She must have been thinking of her late pooch Lila.

We can't help but wonder if her recent split with fiance Liam Hemsworth factored into her performance and helped to create at least some of the emotion with which the singer delivered the song. You can hear her voice crack during parts of the performance.

It's refreshing to see the more vulnerable side of the singer, who also performed 'Look What They Have Done to My Song' and first 'Bangerz' single 'We Can't Stop.'

Cyrus certainly made an impression at the event, wearing two different yet equally revealing white outfits during two cray cray perfs.

While performing outside, she wore a bikini-like, white two-piece with black sneakers.

Then she donned a white netted "dress" worn over black pasties covering her nips for her inside perf. There was also some sort of black and white strappy undies thing going on. Subtle? Not Miley!

Leave it to Miley Cyrus to get people talking yet again!

Miley performing outside during the day wearing a Chanel cuff and a daisy chain.

Jason Kempin, Getty Images

Miley and little people.

Christopher Polk, Getty Images

Miley and a banana microphone. We get the subtext.

Ethan Miller, Getty Images

Miley and her pasties. No wardrobe malfunctions here.

Mark Davis, Getty Images