It would be a logical to assume that the tears Miley Cyrus sheds in her 'Wrecking Ball' video are the result of being brokenhearted over her disintegrating relationship with Liam Hemsworth. They're not.

The video was filmed and released before the couple announced its split, but things were likely falling apart at the time she shot the clip. Still, that's not what caused the singer to break down and weep. Someone even closer to her heart did.

"When I was on the video set, I was thinking about my dog, [Lila], that had passed away, which is the worst thing that has ever happened to me," Cyrus told KISS radio in Seattle. "So that was kind of like my inspiration when I was doing the video."

Turns out the crying was harder that being naked in front of strangers.

She continued, "For me, I kept thinking about that when I was trying to cry because it's more awkward actually crying in front of a room full of people than you would think swinging naked on a wrecking ball is; it's a lot more uncomfortable to cry and let yourself go with that emotion."

Due to the emotion and being naked while swinging on an actual wrecking ball, the singer was exhausted afterwards.

In the chat, Miley Cryrus --see what we just did there?! -- says she wanted to convey a mix of strength and vulnerability in the video.

She also explained that her licking of the sledgehammer in the clip was meant to be a joke. "I was kidding at first and of course loved it because [director Terry Richardson] is weird like I am."

Yeah, we don't get why licking a tool is cool … but it's art so we're not questioning.

Cyrus also said she is not going to grow her hair long but she has to switch it up since everyone is starting to "do her." Wait, so what other celebs hacked off their hair recently? Right, we weren't sure either. We actually thought she was just doing Pink or Rihanna.

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