Remember when Miley Cyrus and her father Billy Ray caused an uproar, thanks to the time they posed for Vanity Fair, with Miley showing back skin and appearing topless and all suggestive?

Well, she's exceeded the creepy factor in a new photo spread with photographer Terry Richardson, where she flashes that longer-than-most tongue of hers, wears his glasses, sucks her thumb and grabs her crotch. We think it's supposed to be sexy, but...

For reference, here's the Vanity Fair image, from when Cyrus was 15.

Vanity Fair

Nuzzling up to the man with the camera in high-waisted jeans. Where's Liam, her boo?

Well that's some gymnastics right there...

Miley has a mutant tongue! It's like a snake!

Rubbery like Nicki Minaj! Ratchey Miley? Nah!

Okay, this is more than a little creepy...

Creepy revisited...

Sorta cute...we like her magenta lipstick.

Girls who sing should not smoke...

Miley is a bad girl. We get it.

Terry Richardson

Gratuitous crotch grab!

Miley likes rap music.

Hannah who?