And we thought Miley Cyrus had fully distanced herself from her 'Hannah Montana' past. The singer and twerker posted two photos while hanging out with her former Disney co-star Mitchel Musso. Additionally, she dealt with a scare, as one of the buses in the tour caravan caught on fire and was burnt to a crisp.

First, the good news...

Musso, who played Oliver alongside Cyrus in the series, came out to two Bangerz Tour dates in Texas and he even adopted the signature Miley pose, sticking his tongue out.

While Cyrus has done everything humanly possible to cut ties with her squeaky clean past, that behavior has to do with the persona, not the people she worked with. Clearly, she and Musso are still bros!

A tour bus fire scorched one of the buses in the Bangerz Tour caravan. Miley's lil sis Noah shared photos and videos of the damage and documented the drama. But she did confirm that everyone was safe and sound. Thank goodness!

This video is terrifying, as the bus is in engulfed in flames by the side of the road.

Here is the video of the smoldering ash.

This is the inside of the bus after the blaze was contained.