Oh, to be a fly on the wall of celebrity-attended events. Considering the drama that undoubtedly goes down behind closed doors, the atmosphere at these things is probably rife with tension and palpable awkwardness. Not only are you sometimes forced to share a small space with people you aren't too fond of, but the likelihood of running into an ex-whatever is much higher in Hollywood -- which is exactly what happened to Miley Cyrus recently.

According to Page Six, both Miley and her ex-boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger attended the same birthday party recently. Things must have ended pretty badly between the two of them, because they reportedly spent the entire night avoiding each other -- which is something we can all understand all too well. A source said, "Everyone was having a blast and singing and dancing, but Miley and Patrick stayed far apart. They arrived at different times and left separately at different times. He didn’t even try to get close to her.”

The best form of revenge, though, is to gather some of your super famous friends and make your presence known by belting out a karaoke classic as proof that you're having SO MUCH FUN without your ex. Page Six goes on to report that Miley, Katy Perry and Selena Gomez got together to perform Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" -- and we really wish there was video footage of a moment so magical.

Though, if there were video, we wonder if Selena would have to pull an Ellie Goulding to scrub that footage from the face of the planet, so as not to upset her buddy Taylor Swift.

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