Miley Cyrus' fans may be loving their idol's new booty-clapping, twerking and skin-showing persona, but reportedly one person is not a fan. Who could that be? None other than Miley's fiance Liam Hemsworth.

A source told Hollywood Life, "They’ve had a lot of fights about it." They continued, "Miley doesn’t think Liam has any right to tell her to tone it down. He plays different characters for his career and this is the character she’s playing right now for her career."

Point goes to Miley on that one. She may prefer cuddling up at home in a Snuggie and watching a movie over going out and partying (though we doubt it), but she can't knowingly have a wild party girl persona in her music and then brag about how she fell asleep at 8PM on a Saturday night while watching 'Maid in Manhattan.'

The source elaborated, "She has made some adjustments because she wants to keep the peace. It might not look like it, but she toned down a lot of stuff in her ‘We Can’t Stop’ video. It’s a hard line to walk because she’s trying to be respectful to Liam but also be true to herself as an artist." Wait, her video for 'We Can't Stop' was toned down? Uh, how?

We are taking this MiLiam rumor with a grain of salt, just like all the others. Until Miley or Liam comments on the nature of their relationship publicly, we can't assume we know what's going down behind closed doors.