Bubba Sue, celebrity pig, is no stranger to fame, having appeared in dozens of glamorous selfies on Miley Cyrus' very active Instagram. And this summer, she's landed her biggest, most glamorous spread to date as the cover girl of the Summer 2015 issue of PAPER. (Oh right, and her owner's on the cover too.)

Shot by "We Can't Stop" director Diane Martel, the muddy issue — in which Miley pulls a Miley and appears almost entirely nude — focuses on the foundation she's created for homeless and LGBT youth, the Happy Hippie Foundation. (In case you've missed 'em, she's been serving up some truly incredible Backyard Sessions performances with acts like rock legend Joan Jett and fellow pop darling Ariana Grande to promote the cause as well.)

According to PAPER, the full shoot boasts "a glass pyramid, some body paint and very little clothing." As Lesley would surely (still) agree, she's just being Miley.

"I was doing a show two nights ago and I was wearing butterfly nipple pasties and butterfly wings. I'm standing there with my tits out, dressed like a butterfly. How the fuck is that fair? How am I so lucky?" she tells the magazine.

Shocked? Startled? Well, that's fine, but Miley's been pretty vocal about the fact that she's been using her outrageous antics to call attention to important social causes. So, now that she's got your attention with her lil' piggy...care to have a conversation about LGBT youth homelessness? (But first, check out one more oink-tacular shot from the shoot on Miley's page.)

And kudos on your first cover, Queen Bubba Sue!

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