Miley Cyrus has officially recovered from her recent health scares, if her latest Instagram vid starring her left nipple is anything to go by.

We can probably assume the 21-year-old is feeling like her old self again after she posted a new video of her and a friend dancing around to Lil Jon’s ever-popular ‘Turn Down for What.’

The ‘Adore You’ star must’ve really been digging the song — to be fair, it is a super fun song — because her crazy dancing led to her ripping open her cropped jean jacket to reveal a black bra … and her nip!

The nip slip might have gone unnoticed if the person recording the video hadn’t been taking advantage of the iPhone camera’s slow-mo option at the time. But the video is slowed down just enough that it’s hard to miss Miley sliding out of her bra.

Just last week Miley released an artistic video where she’s in a minimalistic ensemble of leather and duct tape, so it doesn’t seem like this pop star minds nudity too much. After all, she probably caught the slow-mo peep too, but still chose to share it on Insta.

The singer is currently hanging out in England — on a boat, judging by the background in her video — getting ready to launch her European leg of the Bangerz Tour. We just hope Miley stays healthy on this leg and that her peekaboo nip is the worst that she's got to deal with!