We've already heard backlash from everyone from Liam Hemsworth to Robin Thicke's mom on Miley Cyrus' salacious set at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.

Now the inventor of the giant foam finger is shaking his finger at the former Hannah Montana star for using the usually inoffensive cheerleading item in new, very offensive ways during her performance with Robin Thicke on Sunday's (Aug. 25) VMAs.

“She took an honorable icon that is seen in sporting venues everywhere and degraded it,” Steve Chmelar tells Fox Sports. Chmelar was 16 when he invented the foam finger in 1971, wearing it to cheer on his high school basketball team at the Iowa state championships. More than four decades later, it's still a fan favorite at sporting events worldwide.

Chmelar, now 59, has confidence that his invention will recover from the VMAs, however, and he generously shares hopes that Miley will, too. "Fortunately, the foam finger has been around long enough that it will survive this incident,” Chmelar says. "As for Miley Cyrus, let’s hope she can outlive this event and also survive."

Have we officially heard from everyone on this now, or will Miley be getting negative feedback next from, say, the Teddy Bear Fund? Wait, she already did!