Miley Cyrus will no longer be the Reigning Queen of Twerk, she revealed in a 2014 MTV VMAs red carpet interview with Lucy Hale and Sway. In fact -- she's retiring the raunchy dance move.

"I've 'retwired.' … It's not about twerking, it's about the music," Miley explained about her decision. And that music is Miley's primary focus.

"I'm making some music now with the Flaming Lips… it's more psychedelic, but still in that pop world," she revealed. "... I live to be in the studio -- that's my favorite part, just bunkering down and working on the music. This record might take me five years, but I'm just gonna work on it til I'm done."

Miley also opened up about her friend Jesse, the homeless youth who accepted her moonman for Video of the Year. The 'Wrecking Ball' singer, who was still emotional after his speech, revealed how she met Jesse and why it was so important that he accept the award on her behalf.

"I'm still on the verge of like, really crying, so I could still cry talking about it. I met Jesse at this really cool place, it's called My Friend's Place, I just met him, and from the second I saw him I just felt like he had something to say," she explained, her voice wavering. "… I just knew he had something to say, and I just wanted there to be a face to youth homelessness and I felt like he was someone who could be that face. People don't understand that people around us don't all look the same and don't all have the same story and I just wanted him to be able to tell people that, you know? I just feel super honored."

Watch Miley talk about Jesse's speech and youth homelessness in the video below (as well as how you can help her cause!), and see her red carpet reveal about twerking in the video above.

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