Two rounds down and two to go! Pop music lovers are in the middle of a heated March Madness battle to decide which artist has the best fanbase. After two weeks of furious voting, Miley Cyrus' Smilers are facing off against Demi Lovato's Lovatics. Which fanbase is better?

Miley Cyrus' fans stood loyally by her side since her Hannah Montana days, and that include beating the Selenators with 54% of the votes in Round 2. As Miley grew up -- and her music evolved -- she became a certified superstar. However, she always takes time to interact with her enthusiastic Smilers, even opening up to them about very emotional topics. Miley leads by example and encourages her fans to take the high road as well.

Demi Lovato's relationship with her Lovatics is definitely one of reciprocal support. She's inspired them to embrace themselves -- flaws and all -- and, in return, her fans opened up to her. They've been on their A-game during March Madness, earning Demi 66% of the votes in Round 2. Most importantly, Demi takes her position as a role model very seriously. She's constantly taking positive stances, using her influence for good. (Besides, who can forget how excited her Lovatics were when she surprised them in her "Really Don't Care" lyric video?)

Who is most deserving of the Best Fanbase title? You can vote for Smilers or Lovatics once per hour until the poll closes on Tuesday, March 31 at 3PM ET. The winner of this round will move into the finals to contend for the Best Fanbase crown!


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