Are Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, two of the most popular and love-them-or-hate-them stars of the under 25 pop set, engaged in a 'tweet heat' tiff? Did Cyrus break the "Don't start none, won't be none" rule and outwardly diss Swift?

It might seem so, thanks to her amused reaction to a funny graphic created by E! correspondent Ken Baker (posted above), which suggested that Cyrus gets a bad rap despite being in a committed and monogamous relationship with fiance Liam Hemsworth, while Swifty is a serial dater who can't push her relationships past the three-month mark, but is viewed as a saint.

But Cyrus moved quickly to claim that she wasn't hatin' on T. Swizzle.

Here's a recap of this "battle," which never even came to blows.

Baker posted his little matchup of the ladies and their relationship facts, followed by their public personae and media perceptions.

Cyrus saw it and commented that it made her laugh. She wasn't dissing T. Swizzle. She was merely entertained by the fact that the two young, famous beauties are seen in diametrically opposed fashion for all the wrong reasons.


Baker's comments were a little bit of a harsh commentary on Swift, who is almost universally viewed by the media as America's Sweetheart for her "Aw shucks" demeanor. She distills her romance drama into her songs, which adds levity to the cold, hard fact that she can't keep a relationship going. Cyrus is viewed in "tougher" terms because she is a bit edgier and doesn't have a wholesome thing going for her, whereas Swift isn't afraid to hide her neuroses, which make her seem cute and girl-next-door. That has nothing to do with their dating habits. Or does it?

Cyrus then made sure to point out she didn't generate any "tweet heat" between herself and Swift simply because his comments struck a chord with her since she is on the receiving end of negative media reports when she is in a stable relationship. She was just thanking someone for acknowledging that judgment laid at her doorstop even though she's monogamous.


All this "tweet heat" serves to remind us that haters gonna hate no matter who you are and what you do. We can probably poll 20 people and half will love Cyrus and hate Swift and the other half will hate Cyrus and love Swift.

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