The Borgore video for 'Decisions' premiered yesterday, and everyone was waiting to see featured artist Miley Cyrus back in action singing. Unfortunately, we didn't notice her voice as much as her tongue, which was def trying to steal the spotlight from her haircut. As Stephanie Tanner would say, how rude! Seriously though, that camera-lovin' tongue was wagging all over the place, mostly seen making out with unicorn masks -- apparently that's Liam Hemsworth under there, by the way. Check out the best of Miley Cyrus' tongue courtesy of these GIFs.

It's been spotted -- the elusive lingua Cyrus. If we remain still, maybe we can catch another glimpse.

Andddd there it is again!

And again...

Woah Nelly! That tongue is going H.A.M.

In case you didn't catch it yet, this is Miley Cyrus' tongue.

Once again, in super slow mo.

Later Miley. Hope you and your tongue have a great cake day.

Watch the Borgore 'Decisions' Video Feat. Miley Cyrus