Fresh from her romp with strippers in New Orleans, Miley Cyrus is now heating up the Sunshine State, sharing some saucy Floridian snapshots with fans across social media. The provocative singer is in Tampa for her show tonight, March 20 -- and apparently spent a raunchy day at the beach.

Cyrus first took to Twitter to share a topless snap, and she is smoking hot… literally. The 'Wrecking Ball' singer bares her cleavage while showing off a lobster-red sunburn, complete with bikini top tan lines:

Miley Cyrus Tweet

But, Miley being Miley, she couldn't just stop there. She Instagrammed a few more shots from her day. The first shows her curled up provocatively on a beach towel, relaxing at the ocean in a tongue-out, leg-up, hand-in-crotch pose. "Yasss that's a bruise on my arssss," Cyrus captioned the pic, which, indeed does show off a tiny black & blue mark on her butt. Minutes later, she posted another photo, this time showing off the many dollar bills stuffed in her shorts. Possibly her loot from her crazy night in the Big Easy?