The surprisingly dramatic story of disgraced pop band Milli Vanilli appears to be headed for the big screen. Writer-director Florian Gallenberger has been hired to film a movie based on the duo's life, according to

In the late '80s, Milli Vanilli had a big string of pop hits such as 'Blame it on the Rain,' and 'Girl You Know it's True,' and even won the 1990 Grammy Award for 'Best New Artist.' Only problem was, the two male models in the band, Robert Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan, never actually sang on the record; instead, they had been hired to pose as singers merely for their good looks. (Same reason I'm here, incidentally.)

To their credit, Rob and Fab demanded to sing on the group's second album themselves, but were denied. Frank Farian, who founded the group, eventually went public with the story, which lost them their label deal and Grammy win.  Yeah, cause there was definitely no lip-syncing on the Grammy Awards Sunday night, right? Riiiiiiiiiiiight.

The duo made a couple of attempts at recording albums on their own: One came out and went nowhere, and tragically, Pilatus died of a suspected overdose in 1998 just as the second was coming out. Morvan has continued on a solo career since then, and for a guy whose been through so much, seems pretty cheery in the photo above.

Watch the Milli Vanilli, 'Blame It on the Rain' Video