Some people daydream about what it’d be like to spend their lives with a celebrity, and other people make it happen… sort of.

Danielle Davies is the make-it-happen type. Rather than sitting around and wondering what a life with Hollywood hunk Bradley Cooper would be like, she bought a Bradley cardboard cutout, launched a 'My Life With Bradley Cooper' website and Instagram, and has been well on her way to finding out! Once again… sort of.

The married mother of two has spent the last several months documenting her everyday happenings with the life-size cutout. The paper Bradley plays with her kids, accompanies her to the grocery store and even occasionally helps out in the kitchen. All the while looking fabulous in his permanent tux and slicked-back ’do.

In a recent interview with Today, Danielle revealed that she once shared a stage with Bradley in a play at Villanova University. “Since then, he’s become startlingly famous and I … not so much,” she joked.

The 39-year-old said that she was inspired to show “how our lives continued to have these weird parallels but are ultimately nothing alike.” Her photos of the stiff, unblinking Bradley assisting her in daily activities certainly (and hilariously) present the contrast between their two lives.

Check out some of Danielle’s best Bradley Cooper scenes below.

Bradley may not be an official part of the family, but he's definitely a part of the family band.

Bradley and Danielle keep their slim figures with walks around the neighborhood.

He pulls his weight around the house by helping out Danielle's husband with the yard work.

Nothing like a nice bike ride with Bradley!

His impeccable taste in tuxes makes him a great shopping buddy. (He loves those orange pumps.)

He's a little too stiff for the couch, but he can still see the TV just fine from back there.

Danielle needed a little help in the kitchen, and Bradley was happy to help. (He didn't say otherwise, anyway.)

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