Stick 'em up! After delivering the 'Nasty' video, it looks like Nas is ready to holdup the rap game with this robbery-themed banger featuring his partner-in-rhyme Rick Ross. 'It's a Tower Heist' will appear on the soundtrack to the Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy comedy flick 'Tower Heist,' which will mug the box office on Nov. 4.

On the stirring orchestral-sounding track, Nas and Rozay stick to the movie's theme of planning a big robbery plot. "Let off the fully, got alibis, no need to worry / Done right, we don't see the prosecutors or grand jury / Reputed mobster style, take the money and run / Count it in warehouses, leave town and live 100 years like crocodiles / Straight up NYC like a Mets fitted / This a tower heist, even Donald Trump can get it," Nas rhymes on the Salaam Remi-produced track.

Ross backs his partner up with his threatening rhymes, spitting, "I came for the cash, me and Nas behind the mask / 'Cause, b---h, it's a heist, give me ice or lose your life / My profit's so nice me and dog gonna count it twice / It's poppin' tonight, roll the weed, give me a light."

Nas and Rozay's 'It's a Tower Heist' is a hot joint that shouldn't be taken too seriously since it's just the theme song for the movie. The 'Tower Heist' soundtrack will arrive in stores on Nov. 1.


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