Did you know that Natalie Portman and Britney Spears were friends? Neither did we, but the surprising pair have actually been buddies for decades!

During a recent visit to A Little Late With Lilly Singh the actress dished on how she and the pop star became unlikely pals.

"We, very coincidentally, were understudies for the same show when we were kids. So we both were, like, child actresses," Portman explained. "And she understudied and then she got the part in The Mickey Mouse Club and she left and I took over for her. And so then when we were, like, 18 and both of us had had different careers — she obviously became a pop icon and I was acting — and then we met up again and we were like, 'We both had the same first job. That's wild.'"

"And we had a party together," she added of the 2002 New Year's Eve bash she and Spears co-hosted. "And she was really great."

Oh, to have been a guest (or even just a fly on the wall) at that party. Watch Portman's full interview with Lilly Singh below.

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