Nathan Sykes, singer for the Wanted and former BF of Ariana Grande, has mastered the art of the flawless, black-and-white selfie. He really knows how to make that look good -- and if you want to get better at taking your own selfies, you might want to study his feed, since it's full of flawless face shots. We've assembled 21 of his sexiest Instagram selfies. 

He is almost too pretty look at. No wonder Grande fell hard and fast for Nath, as his soon-to-be-former-bandmates call him. His big voice and good looks ensure that whatever he does next will be well-followed by Wanted fans. There is no concern that his musical future is in doubt.

Baseballin'. And the rare color selfie.

Nice shades, Nath!

The bed selfie is popular across Instagram, celebrity or not. Nathan's bed selfie is quite perfect.

World Cup selfie! The brows + hair are flawless.

Oh, lil Nath, you turn our world upside down.

Stylin' as always, post-haircut.

A beanie + a smoldering stare. We're hooked.

Anyone else see that five o'clock shadow?

Goofy Nathan!

That faux hawk is flawless. He really can take one heck of a selfie, can't he?

Sigh. Our fave former couple in happier times. This intimate and subtle snap is so romantic. Dear Pop Music Fairies, can you get Nariana back together for us?

Sleepy boy!

Puppy wuv. Or puppy lurve.

Looking cute in a lift. And finally, a color selfie. Those are rare on his feed, as he favors a classic black and white color palette.

Still sexy even with one eye open and visible. He's a cyclops. Or a "Sykes-clops."

How'd ya like to wake up to that face every morning?

Photobombed by a horse head. Is that Jay McGuiness, his Wanted bandmate? It's gotta be Jay.

Xmas sweater.

Artsy selfie.

Sexy (and nerdy) spex.

Serious in the studio, and in his fave selfie color scheme.