So long as there are boybands with competing fanbases, there will be stan wars. It's just the natural order of things. But it isn't as commonplace for the boybands themselves to become embroiled in a public sparring match. Fans of One Direction and now-defunct band the Wanted, however, probably remember when things got nasty between the two -- mostly because it was all over Twitter, and the Internet never forgets. The good news? The two groups have apparently buried the hatchet.

Alright, so maybe the feud isn't exactly over (though how one can exist when the Wanted are no longer together is beyond us), but members Nathan Sykes and Harry Styles (of the Wanted and One Direction, respectively), have moved on, at least. Of course, it helps that neither of them was too involved in the feud to begin with, but whatever. According to an interview Nathan did with the Mirror, he said (quote via J-14), "I was out with Harry in LA recently. We were both a bit merry, but we had an [amazing] embrace."

He went on to say that he was never really involved in the fights, "I never had a problem with any of the 1D boys and never got involved with the Twitter fights, it wasn't me. I think sometimes you can be a victim of hatred through association. I was like, 'I didn't say anything.'"

According to J-14, the Wanted blamed One Direction, in part, for their split. Tom Parker said, "For The Wanted to try and compete against one of the biggest bands in the world — One Direction — it's almost impossible. I don't think any band out there can compete with them at the moment." But no hard feelings, right?

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