While it may not seem like such a big deal to Americans, for foreigners, breaking through in the U.S. music is one of the ultimate goals. The Wanted are doing just that, with their hit song 'Glad You Came' climbing the charts and bumping from radios nationwide. Nathan Sykes of the U.K. boy band recently spoke to PopCrush about what success in the U.S. means to the Wanted and how thankful they are for the support they've received from American fans.

After being asked what success in the U.S. means to Sykes personally and to the Wanted as a group, the 18-year-old Brit responded, "It means loads. Obviously we've got a lot of love for the U.K., cause that's where we first broke -- we're never going to deny that. But to do well in America really kind of defines you as an artist."

Sykes went on, "There's so many people who have tried and failed and then there's a lot of people who get told point blankly by their label, 'This is never gonna happen. You're never gonna get to go to the U.S.' So I think for us to be given the chance and to be signed to such a great label like Def Jam and to be looked after by Scooter Braun -- he's looking after Justin Bieber out there -- it's a real honor."

"I think that we're very fortunate in our position, and I think that a lot of people would give their right arm to be in the position we're in at the moment," Sykes continued. "So we're very lucky but we're just gonna keep on working hard and see if we can expand on the success that we've had so far."

The Wanted are also set to appear on 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno,' and Sykes explained how ecstatic the entire group is to be appearing on such an iconic American television show.

"It's gonna be absolutely amazing. It's an honor to be asked on and to do so many shows already -- like we've done the show 'Chelsea Lately,' 'Ellen,' 'Glee' has covered our track. We've had some crazy opportunities already, and we're just so grateful and thankful for people just kind of believing in us really," Sykes said.

The 'All Time Low' crooner concluded, "A lot of people have asked us, 'OK boys, how have you done it?' And the answer is always 'We don't have a clue.' But we're just very lucky that people are liking our music and liking what we're trying to do and hopefully we don't let people down."