Naya Rivera is looking to make a splash with her debut solo single. The 'Glee' star, who plays Santana on the series, offered up her first single 'Sorry,' which is essentially a diss track that features her man, rapper Big Sean.

Rivera essentially brags about how their relationship blossomed and how his exes missed out, eluding to a cheating situation which is confirmed by one Sean's former GFs outside of the song and in real life. Messy!

On 'Sorry,' which has a '90s hip-hop vibe, Rivera puffs her chest out, getting all sorts of boastful as she calls out all of her man's previous lady loves and tosses a faux apology.

Big Sean spits a verse in the bridge, exalting her, saying they didn't fall in love, they skydived. His rhyme is pretty bumpin' and so is the beat. But this song feels really tacky.

Yes, this is all very schoolyard. Especially when she is like "Yeah, I know it sucks girl / I'm so sorry." It's so flip and kinda useless since recants the apology in the very next line.

Rivera and her protaganist can't just accept the fact that she came out on top of the dating food chain?

She even namechecks the exes in the beat thumping outro.

Sorry, girl, we like you better when your bossing around an M&M in a commercial during the SuperBowl. Like so.

The song inspired Sean's ex to issue tweets about this girl-on-girl lyrical crime. See those below. Yikes!

Listen to Naya Rivera, 'Sorry' Feat. Big Sean