There’s an app for everything these days and apparently, people want to text with the AI “versions” of Jesus and Satan.

In July 2023, the new app, "Text With Jesus," debuted by Catloaf Software. The new iPhone application allows users to have text conversations through ChatGPT with the biblical figures including Jesus, Satan, Mary, Joseph, the Apostles and even Judas Iscariot. The internet is divided, with social media reactions ranging from amusement to questioning if it is blasphemous.

According to the app's website, the new program is a "new, interactive way to engage with your faith through "Text With Jesus," a revolutionary AI-powered chatbot app for iPhone and iPad, designed for devoted Christians seeking a deeper connection with the Bible's most iconic figures." It also noted that they are adding figures to have conversations with.

However, the regular version of the app does let you chat with the “AI Jesus,” users would have to pay $2.99 a month to speak with the “AI devil.” In conversation with "Satan," the messages are signed with a smiling emoji with horns. All of its responses are reportedly in line with whatever version of the bible that the user selects in the application.

Under the FAQ section of the app, it states that the "Satan" conversation is included to "provide a comprehensive understanding of biblical narratives, reflecting the character's role as described in the Bible." By default, the interaction with "Satan" is turned off and needs to be enabled manually if you'd want to engage with it.

The website also noted that "The AI-powered app does not claim to provide actual divine insights or possess any form of divine consciousness, but simply uses its language model to generate responses based on a wide corpus of biblical and religious texts. The purpose of the app is to stimulate reflection, deepen understanding of religious texts, and encourage meaningful conversations about faith."

The CEO behind the app, Stéphane Peter, previously created similar applications with users being able to Text With the Founding Fathers and Text With Oscar Wilde.

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