In the last five years, Jennifer Lawrence has played a Hunger Games warrior, a Tri-State Area housewife and a teenager tasked with cutting off her own father's hands. From the outside looking in, the characters couldn't be more dissimilar, but if there's one common thread, it's that you better not stand in their way(s).

And you better not stand in Lawrence's way when she tackles the role of business legend Joy Mangano this Christmas, either.

In Joy, which also stars Lawrence's go-to scene-sharer, Bradley Cooper, Lawrence will play the take-no-crap inventor and entrepreneur, who went on to become a sales behemoth. The cash flow was sparse through most of Mangano's early life, though, and in a new trailer above, you can see her evolve from eager young woman to tough, authoritative business titan.

"A lot of times, people get nice things, and they start to think differently," Lawrence warns in the beginning of the clip, which includes adaptations of Mangano's wedding, heated business dealings and what appears to be some impromptu target practice in a parking lot. Plus, you get to hear Robert De Niro, who plays Mangano's father, say: "You know what you are, Terry? You're like a gas leak—we don't see you, we don't smell you but you're silently killing us all."

Check out the trailer, share your thoughts and be sure to see Joy on December 25!

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