It's a battle of the blondes! Fair-haired hotties Niall Horan and Cody Simpson are facing off against each other in our new poll. Directioners and Simpsonizers, we know it's a tough choice, but… which singer rocks the blonde best?

Niall Horan's platinum blonde locks help him stand out in the sea of his dark-haired bandmates, looking more adorable than ever thanks to those frosty blonde tones. We love how Niall's hair is just so big and voluminous, which make him to look even blonder than ever, just because he simply has a lot of hair. The tousled look totally suits him, while his tow-headed good looks only make us love him even more.

Cody Simpson's honey-hued hair totally helps his whole surfer-boy vibe. While Niall rocks a more chilled, platinum look, the 'Surfboard' singer opts for a warmer shade -- a color that totally compliments his sun-kissed skin tone. In addition to the hue of his light locks, Cody's hair is always styled to perfection, making those blonde strands shine even brighter.

Which blonde hottie has your vote? Vote for Niall Horan or Cody Simpson in the poll below!