The first photos from Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra's wedding celebration are here, and they are adorable.

Jonas, 26, shared the images on Twitter on Saturday, opening up about the blending of Chopra's culture and his own. The musician shared a series of snaps taken during his bride's mehendi ceremony, during which she got traditional henna tattoos applied to her palms and arms before her walk down the aisle.

He went on to explain that while he and his wife incorporated tradition into their nuptials, they made it their own. Jonas tweeted that the "amalgamation" of their two vastly different cultures made their wedding, and the events leading up to it, all the more beautiful.

"One of the most special things that our relationship has given us is a merging of families who love and respect each other's faiths and cultures. And so planning our wedding with an amalgamation of both was so so amazing," Jonas tweeted.

He added, "An important part for the girl in an Indian wedding is the Mehendi. Once again we made it our own and it was an afternoon that kicked off the celebrations in the way we both dreamed."

Coinciding with their wedding day is Jonas and Chopra's Vogue digital cover – a first for the magazine. The cover highlights the unique bond the couple shares. In an accompanying feature, Chopra and Jonas talked about their wedding and their relationship, specifically the cultural aspects of both.

"People will need vacations after this wedding," Chopra, 36, joked.

A snipped from the feature, shared on Vogue's Instagram, said of the Jonas-Chopra wedding: "It was important to the couple that their wedding was a thoughtful representation of both their cultures, much like their roka engagement ceremony, which Chopra described as 'an incredible coming-together of two really ancient cultures and religions,' in her Vogue cover story. A Christian wedding was held on Saturday, and a Hindu ceremony will take place on Sunday. To celebrate this occasion, the newlyweds are the stars of Vogue's first-ever digital cover, featuring two scenes, including this one directed by @stevenbrahms."

The scene shows Jonas holding a guitar while face-to-face with Chopra. The actress can be seen biting her lip as she placed a hand on Jonas', resting atop his guitar.

Chopra and Jonas also played the newlywed game, where they had to answer questions about their relationship. The first question was about where they shared their first kiss, which both got right.

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