Nicki Minaj occupies the cover of Wonderland's REVOLT/RECALL/RENEW issue, which lands tomorrow (Feb. 2) and stays on the stands through the doom and gloom of March.

Minaj certainly perks the grey landscape quite a bit with her cotton candy pink wig and those mega lashes. Pop music's favorite pink lady could take flight if she bats those fast enough. But she also has a face as flexible as comedian Jim Carrey, with the way she contorts, smiles, sucks in her cheeks and twists her lips. Minaj is such a ham, and this cover shows a different side of her expressiveness by honing in on her lovely eyes and not her rubbery expressions.

Minaj's wide-eyed, heavy-lashed, "I'm in shock" look is completed by a thick coat of chalky lavender lipstick. She accessorizes with gold earrings and a necklace, while wrapped in a race-car tee. She's a fashion revolutionary in this image. She also looks like the kind of gal you could hang out with in New York's Lower East Side. We bet Minaj and Lady Gaga would've been fast friends who shared closets back in the day if they had known one another, given their mutual outrageous taste in clothing.

The mag said the Minaj wore Prada for the shoot, and she looks like a billion bucks. In the accompanying feature, she talks about her various personalities, since the "Roman" in the 'Roman Reloaded' subtitle of her upcoming album is an extension of herself. (The full title is 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded,' in case you missed it and it's out in April!)

Minaj also revealed a love of cooking and expounded upon her obsession with Barbie dolls. Those are familiar topics in Minajville, but we can't wait to read more.