Are Nicole Scherzinger and Ed Sheeran dating? Guess we've landed on a pretty conclusive nooooooope.

Last month, a friend of Scherzinger's told The Sun "She was drawn to [Sheeran] over the last few months through his music," and added the pop acts had since been dating. But it appears the magnetism—if it ever existed at all—has lost its pull: In a Dubsmash video the former Pussycat Doll posted to Facebook on Saturday (August 29), she put a pin in the rumors while borrowing her rumored boyfriend's own words. Sheerzinger, we hardly knew ye.

"‪#‎TotesEmosh‬ (Totally Emotional) that Ed Sheeran and I broke up today #OrangeIsntTheNewBlackAnymore #‎ScherzyLosesItAfterSheeranBreakUp‬ ‪#‎NoMoreSheerzinger," she captioned the video above, in which she lip syncs a rendition of "Thinking Out Loud" while spinning the camera around as if it's a subordinate dance partner. A dizzying method, but certainly effective nonetheless!

As is the case with most great (debunked) love stories, theirs reportedly began in the midst of the "Run" singer's run on on Cats: The Musical as "Glamour Cat" Grizabella. Scherzinger had previously been tied to Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton, but the two broke up earlier this year, Billboard reported.

Sheeran has yet to respond to the bit of pointed karaoke, but at least retains the distinction of being the taller of the two. And that, of course, is what really matters.

Sad to hear Sheerzinger is nothing more than a bit of gossip?

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