Legendary producer and musician Nile Rodgers recently revealed that he collaborated on at least two tracks with Keith Urban, in an EDM-country crossover.

According to NME, the Chic guitarist offered Urban some reassurance after the was unhappy with the first vocal take. Rodgers said, "I really pushed him to sing at the top of his range. Keith was nervous about it; he wanted to do another take. But I told him I loved the way it sounds."

Rodgers commented that while some fans may respond to the unlikely collaboration with hesitation at first, he's confident most of them will come around once the music is out, making reference to fans' initial responses to David Bowie's best-selling album, Let's Dance, which Rodgers also produced.

He said, "His fans may have some kind of problem at first. But my biggest records have always been like that. A lot of people, the only record they ever bought by David Bowie was Let’s Dance. That’s at least [seven] million albums — he’d never sold anything near that before. So his fan base got angry: 'This sucks! This is not Ziggy Stardust! That’s not Scary Monsters!' But it was huge because it spoke to a broader audience. I think a record like this will speak to a broader audience [for Urban], and the country people will come around."

But fans of Urban's should already be aware of his willingness to test the waters of different genres. He recently collaborated with Jason Derulo and Stevie Wonder on the country-infused track "Broke" for Derulo's criminally under-appreciated album Everything Is 4.