It's the collaboration Olly Murs and Demi Lovato fans have been waiting for! 'Up,' an upcoming Olly track, leaked days before his album's Nov. 24 release date.

Despite it's seemingly optimistic title and upbeat melody, 'Up' details a heartbreak in the most aching of ways.

"I drew a broken heart / Right in your windowpane," Olly sings. "Waited for your reply / Here in the pouring rain / Just breathe against the glass / Leave me some kind of sign / I know the hurt won't pass / Just tell me it's not the end of the line."

Things don't seem so cheerful for Demi, either.

"I never meant to break your heart," she sings. "And I won't let this plane go down / I never meant to make you cry / I'll do what it take to make this fly."

And while the song is filled with images of longing, Olly and Demi's vocals blend beautifully. Despite the uncertainty of the first verse, the chorus guides the song in the direction of positivity. It's such a cool spin on the traditional theme of relationship struggles.

Listen to Olly and Demi's 'Up' above!

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