It was the headline read round the world: Louis Tomlinson, the 23-year-old member of One Direction, is reportedly having a child with LA-based stylist Briana Jungwirth.

An outpouring of thanks is owed to Al Gore for inventing the Internet, as word of Louis' upcoming fatherhood (and eventual inclusion in our Celebrity Father's Day gallery!) spread rapidly through its swift channels of communication as soon as it was announced. Fans immediately sorted through their various feelings of doubt, disappointment and confusion via various social media outlets. We are by no means judging.

Anyone who has ever loved anything with the kind of violent, all encompassing fervor present in the psyche of most teenage minds probably understands the mix of emotions that comes with this type of news. Yes, Louis is a celebrity. None of us actually knows him on a personal level and the vast majority of his fans will never get a chance to tangle their fingers in his artisanal rat's nest head of hair.

But with the imminent end of One Direction growing ever nigh, news of a surprise baby feels like another nail in One Direction's heavy coffin, like this is the true beginning of the end of all this Something Great. Because Louis has every intention of being a doting father, he says. And so the tours will probably grow less frequent, a move to Los Angeles may happen, recording will someday cease. Are we jumping the gun a bit? Perhaps. But those fears are real. We get it.

Fans need an outlet to sort through their feelings and so that burden falls on Twitter, the ultimate tool so frequently used by fans to shout into the void. We've gathered some of our favorite tweets about Louis for your viewing pleasure. Perhaps you, too, will find comfort in knowing that other people are reacting just as strongly to this news.

How are you guys coping? On a scale of Harry dating Caroline Flack to Zayn leaving the band, where does Louis' baby announcement level out for you, scandal-wise?

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