One Direction fans refuse to ever let anything go, and it looks like members Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne share a similar mentality.

A fan threw a piñata on stage during last night's (July 28) Kansas City stop on the band's On The Road Again Tour that had an image of known 1D nemesis Naughty Boy superimposed over its original animal face. Liam and Louis spied the piñata and quickly expressed any ill will they may still harbor toward Naughty Boy, stomping on it with excessive force. Sadly, there was no candy inside.

One Direction and Naughty Boy have a contentious relationship, to say the least. There have been Twitter spats, subtweets and interviews given about the whole thing. For a time, a clear line seemed to have been drawn down the middle — with One Direction's current four-member incarnation firmly planted on one side, and buddies Naughty Boy and Zayn Malik on the other. Then Zayn burned that bridge gloriously to the ground, and things have been (mostly) quiet on Naughty Boy's end ever since.

So while we understand that complicated feelings remain between certain members of 1D and Naughty Boy, we suggest letting this feud die. No matter how many times fans may try to misguidedly paint Naughty Boy as some meddling Yoko Ono figure who caused a rift in the band (which is another issue entirely), the truth is, much like John Lennon, Zayn left of his own accord, for his own reasons. Naughty Boy has nothing to do with the band, so fans need to leave it alone — and it would be great if One Direction could stop fanning those flames.

There's also the whole issue of the specific piñata the fans chose to use as the base for their Naughty Boy effigy. Have you ever been to a Party City? A CVS? There are endless piñata options! They could have gone with a sunflower, or a cat, or literally anything other than a monkey. Whether the fans intentionally chose an animal that has been used in racially-charged verbal attacks against countless people of color throughout history remains unclear, but the One Direction fan base has a history of racially-problematic social messaging, so it wouldn't be a huge surprise. In any case, it's disturbing to watch two white guys beat up a monkey piñata meant to represent a person of color, even if there is noted bad blood between them.

It should be noted that Niall Horan was elsewhere while the effigy beating took place. Harry Styles was also not involved in the piñata attack, and for this we will continue to appreciate him always.

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