Twitter is the worst thing to ever happen to celebrity publicists — especially if your client is Zayn Malik.

The micro-blogging site erupted today when Zayn effectively burned another bridge in the music industry after he tweeted producer (and possible former friend) Naughty Boy: "you fat joke stop pretending we're friends no one knows you."

Yikes, right? The two were seemingly inseparable just a few months ago, even embracing the fan-created moniker "Zaughty" while Naughty Boy pissed off One Direction fans ad nauseam. But it looks like things got weird when a brief music video clip for Zayn's cover of Rae Sremmurd's "No Type" made its way online this past weekend, confirming earlier reports that he filmed it while still with One Direction.

But whatever, right? Zayn knows things leak all the time: Aside from every One Direction album finding its way online ahead of its release date, their music video for "Live While We're Young" leaked early, too. The issue here is that according to rumors, Naughty Boy uploaded the music video without Zayn's permission, and Zayn's second tweet seems to indicate there might be some truth to that suspicion.

Some fans believe Zayn's tweets are the result of a particularly bitter stan who gained access to Zayn's Twitter and decided to aggressively tweet at Naughty Boy as his sole course of action. Those same fans have probably also erased the following tweets from their memories, because this is not the first time Zayn's been messy on Twitter...

A hack seems unlikely at this point. #ZAYNMALIKHASNOCHILL is trending worldwide on Twitter. There's no possible way every person close to Zayn has suddenly gone off the grid for the past five hours and isn't aware of what's going on. (It should be noted that Zayn's tweets have yet to be deleted.)

Other fans, meanwhile, are sitting back and watching the drama unfold with rapt attention.

What do you think? Do these tweets indicate a painfully public falling out between Zayn and Naughty Boy? Has Zayn been hacked? Is it weird that celebrities don't seem to have each other's phone numbers, choosing to engage in feuds on Twitter instead? Let us know your thoughts on this complex situation.

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