While some believe Naughty Boy's main skill set lies within his record production, it seems his true talent is in pissing off One Direction fans. After tweeting out some inane garbage ("embrace a world where there's something to fight for, but this generation of fake fandom are doomed beyond belief. a change is coming fam! [sic]"), fans got the hashtag #GetNaughtyBoySuspended trending on Twitter, because hell hath no fury like a Directioner scorned.

To be fair, Naughty Boy did not specify the One Direction fandom as being "fake" specifically, perhaps because he is smarter than to throw a hot-plate at a sleeping dragon. But considering his past indiscretions with the fandom, it is not too far a stretch to believe his tweet was aimed at the group. It certainly wouldn't be the first time. Shortly after Zayn Malik -- the most beautiful member of One Direction and the human race -- quit the group, Naughty Boy took it upon himself to rile up fans by using Twitter as a subtle form of torture. He and Louis Tomlinson got into an argument, then Naughty Boy dropped a fake Zayn single and then he claimed Louis caused "needless provoking" in that situation. In that moment, Twitter was high school and everyone forgot they were famous.

So, after rubbing salt in the wounds of Directioners everywhere, Naughty Boy turned to acid, instead, with his latest tweet, and it was all fans needed to launch a Twitter campaign to get him suspended from the social media site. While we're pretty sure he won't actually be suspended from the site because of freedom of speech or whatever, Directioners were sure to let their fury known. Check out some of the more biting tweets below.

Naughty Boy has yet to respond to the trending topic.

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