Ever since quitting One Direction just a few weeks ago, Zayn Malik has managed to live life as a normal 22-year-old. He took a private jet to an undisclosed location for a mini-vacation with fiancee, Perrie Edwards, attended the Asian Awards with his mom and a newly shaved head and was even inadvertently involved in some Twitter drama when his BFF Naughty Boy got into it with former bandmate Louis Tomlinson. Totally run-of-the mill, casual life, right? According to Zayn, that's exactly right.

Following his first interview with UK tabloid the Sun, Zayn sat down with the paper for an update on his post-One Direction existence. He has reportedly been spending time (all quotes via E! News) "watching late-night movies, enjoying home-cooked food and singing karaoke." The idea of Zayn existing somewhere we are not -- staying Up All Night.mp3 and singing into a microphone, no less -- is almost too much to bear. We're certainly relieved that Zayn is doing well. He was quoted as saying, "All is good. I'm doing alright."

Zayn's buddy, Naughty Boy, also spoke to the Sun, clearing up rumors that Zayn started working on his solo material as soon as he quit One Direction. The producer said, "He just wants to get out of the house and comes here. He's doing things that he hasn't done for years. Coming to the studio is his way of chilling and he's here with his friends."

Zayn has also taken an interest in cooking, saying, "I'm a good cook actually. I do all the cooking — you can ask." Would you eat a meal cooked by one of the most beautiful men alive? Or would you merely preserve it until it decomposes on its own, unable to destroy something crafted by someone with such facial perfection? These are the questions we must ask ourselves.

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