Directioners, we know you're excited for One Direction's upcoming music video 'Night Changes,' and what could be better than a behind-the-scenes look at its filming!? Okay, well, the actual video would probably be slightly more exciting... but we'll take what we can get.

We know the video is about going on a date with each member of the band (which, please, just make this a reality already). But, sadly, it looks like things go horribly, horribly wrong on each of the dates, resulting in a not-so-happy-ending for each of the boys.

Poor, beautiful, quiet Zayn has en entire plate of pasta dumped on his head by a man who — we can only assume — is either a spurned ex-boyfriend or (even more scandalous!) a current ex-boyfriend of whoever Zayn’s on a date with. It’s alright, Zayn, we can help you out of that suit jacket and into something clean. Date not necessarily ruined -- especially when you have a face like Zayn's.

Sidenote: there is no one else in this world who can turn spaghetti into a hair accessory quite the way Zayn Malik can. Oh, Zayn. Shall we compare thee to a summer’s day?

As for Niall, it looks like our earlier assessment involving that treacherous fireplace was correct — his arm actually catches on fire, and he winds up spilling wine all over his lady friend. A dirty dress? Not a deal breaker -- give us a call, Niall. Besides, we would've known to wear black.

Liam, meanwhile, gets sick on his ride and pukes into a hat. Throwing up in front of your crush is pretty mortifying, so we totally understand, but hey — at least he didn’t throw up on her. Well... as far as we know.

What about the indelible Harry Styles? The boy who inspired some of the greatest love songs of our time? (Thanks, Taylor!) He actually winds up causing bodily harm to come to his date. Kind of reminds us of a certain song that may or may not have been written about the One Direction singer. But we digress. Harry is ice skating with his date, and in an attempt to Michelle Kwan it, he lifts her up — only to drop her and fall to the ground, breaking his date’s ankle. Ouch. At least that ambulance ride will give them plenty of time to talk! And lord knows we could listen to Harry's long, slow drawl for hours on end.

There's no mention of Louis' date, but it does look like he gets arrested which has always been our favorite way of ending a disaster date.

We seriously could not be more excited for this video to come out tomorrow (Nov. 21), but in the meantime we'll keep watching the above video.

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