Maybe it's because we not-so-secretly ship Haylor harder than anything, but we haven't been able to get enough of Harry Styles' reactions to Taylor Swift's '1989.' So naturally we fangirled just a little when the One Direction singer talked specifically about 'Out of the Woods.'

During an interview with Access Hollywood, Harry was asked what his thoughts were about being the focus of the fan-favorite track.

"I don't know if that's confirmed, is it?" he deflected, while Niall practically stared him down, eagerly awaiting his answer. (We know the feeling!)

"Like I've said before, we all write from personal experience, so it'd be hypocritical to say that she can't," he answered, repeating his previous comments about the subject. "She's very good at what she does."

While Harry was ever the gentleman in his response (BRB, swooning forever) his bandmates couldn't resist giving him just a little bit of a hard time. In fact, Liam pointedly asked him when he's been in the woods.

"I've been in some woods," Harry joked, causing the rest of the guys to continue the bit, cracking up.

Besides Taylor Swift's own comments about 'Out of the Woods', the song itself contains undeniable clues that it was written about Harry. Through her cleverly crafted lyrics, Taylor sings about "your necklace hanging from my neck" and "two paper airplanes flying," which most likely refer to the former couple's matching paper airplane necklaces. And while the two somehow managed to keep their snowmobile accident and trip to the ER a secret ("remember when you hit the breaks too soon / twenty stitches in the hospital room"), Harry was photographed with a bandaged chin after the two spent a weekend together at a ski resort in 2012.

Watch Harry's response to 'Out of the Woods' in the video above!

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